For those of you that have ever wondered what’s in my camera bag, this is for you!

I emptied out the contents today to give you a little run through of what I carry and why!

1. My Macbook Air – I take my macbook along to every wedding so that during dinner I can back up all my photos. I love this little macbook air as it is so ridiculously light! I ended up buying this beauty this year as I needed something light to take with me in my hand luggage for destination weddings.

2. An External Hard drive – As my macbook air is so small, it doesn’t have the best storage. Therefore I bring along an external hard drive to every wedding just incase I need some extra space! This one is the Seagate 2TB drive which is so handy and light to take around with me.

3. A Memory Card Reader – I use a lot of CF memory cards which laptops don’t generally have a reader for, so I always carry around a card reader to back up my images to my laptop. This one is the Kingston card reader which is pretty fast at backing up all my photos, which works really well for the small gap that I get to download in!

4. Spare Battery Packs – Spare camera battery packs are a must for any wedding photographer! I never want to be out of battery life so I will always charge up and carry around spares on every wedding day! The official Canon battery packs are so expensive but so worth it, as they last twice as long as the cheap alternatives that you find elsewhere.

5. My Iphone – I have the Iphone 6s and I will always carry it around during a wedding day. Not only is it handy for getting me to and from wedding venues using the sat nav, but I also keep all details of the day on there, from the wedding timeline to important phone numbers.

6. An External Flash – An external flash is a must for the evening reception. Once the lights are dimmed, a venue can be plunged into darkness, and the flash does wonders to light up dancing guests! The flash I use is the Canon 430EXIII and I love it! I have used the first and second versions of this flash and this is by far the best. Make sure you always bring spare AA batteries with you if you’re using this flash though as it eats through battery life!

7. Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Lens – I own only one Sigma lens, and that is the 35mm prime. I bought it as I needed a wide lens that stopped down to a low F number, and this one did the trick! As it stops down to F1.4, it works well for me in dark and tight indoor spaces. It’s also a great one for taking photos during the evening party, as it is wide enough to take a photo on a packed dance floor!

8. Canon 50mm F/1.2L Lens – My favourite and my go-to lens on a wedding day is the 50mm F1.2. I love it because it stops down to such a low F number and gives you enough space in most rooms and outdoor spaces to frame an image nicely. The bokeh you get from this lens is gorgeous, especially when paired with the Canon MkIII. A great all rounder!

9. My Camera Bag – My gorgeous camera bag is actually from the states and I had it shipped over as I was so in love with it! It’s from a place called Bloom Theory who sell stunning camera straps too! From the outside it looks like a normal handbag, but inside it has all the camera bag padding and zip pockets for all my memory cards. It can even fit my laptop in!

10. Memory Cards – I own so many of these little cards, the bigger ones are CF cards and the smaller ones are SD cards. I own both kinds of card because one of my cameras uses only SD cards. I prefer using CF cards overall, as they are so much faster and keep up with my quick fire shooting.

11. Canon 6d Body – I use this as my second camera during a wedding day. As this camera only uses SD cards, I tend to use it slightly less than my main body as it can be slightly slower to store my images. I still absolutely love this camera though as it is so much lighter than my main body and having a second camera means I don’t have to switch lenses so often.

12. Canon 85mm F/1.2L Lens – I LOVE this lens. I must admit I don’t tend to use it that much on a wedding day as it takes a longer time to focus than any of my other lenses. That being said, I wish I used it more as the images you receive from this lens are stunning. As its a telephoto, the bokeh is incredible and really makes any subject stand out.

13. Canon 5d MkIII Body – My main camera body and my favourite to use! I mean who doesn’t want the new Canon MkIV… but I do love the MkIII an awful lot. I tend to use this paired with my 50mm lens for pretty much a whole wedding day. The body has dual memory card slots so you can use a CF and a SD at the same time, making it a great choice for wedding photographers.

14. Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L Lens – One of my least used lenses on a wedding day, but a complete must-have. I only own one zoom lens because I prefer a lower F number over the ability to zoom. However, the main thing I use this lens for is for ring shots. It has an amazing Macro feature that allows me to get in really close on those gorgeous diamonds and make them sparkle!

I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek inside my camera bag! I originally struggled to figure out what pieces I would need for a wedding day, so if you’re a budding photographer I hope this gets you on the right track!
What piece of equipment other than your camera body do you use the most on a wedding day?

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