Weddings are constantly changing and evolving. In particular, wedding day styling changes so frequently it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends.

As a wedding photographer I see a huge amount of weddings. Therefore when planning our wedding day, I had thousands of ideas that I could take through to the big day. I really struggled to focus my ideas when I first started planning, so I thought I would share a few tips on how I moved forward with my ideas and what you could do if you are also struggling in the preliminary stages.


Making mood boards

I am an incredibly visual person and I really struggled to imagine what our day would look like without collating my ideas into some form of mood board or collage. I collected images that I loved from all over the internet and started to put them together, picking out colours from the images that I was drawn to the most. The above mood board is the first I made and you do get an overwhelming sense of our final decor from it, even though some of the ideas changed down the line. Once I had made this “master” mood board, I then made boards for each part of our day, for example, the ceremony set up, the dress, the reception room etc. This helped us to show our suppliers exactly what direction we wanted to go in.


Use your venue as inspiration

Once we had chosen Cripps Barn as our wedding venue, we immediately had a lot of beautiful locations to work with! There was the gorgeous outdoor ceremony spot, the large stone barn and the reception room with its beautiful beams and fairylights. You can tell immediately that the venue is very rustic which I loved, however we wanted to offset that vibe with some refined geometric shapes, calligraphy and marble details. We worked very closely with our venue on what styling they recommended, including table layouts and prop hire. However don’t be afraid to push some boundaries and go against the norm too!


Create some mock arrangements

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine ideas becoming a reality. I had started to feel that my ideas worked together because of my mood boards, but how the reception table set ups would work was not clear in my head. Once I started buying a few decorations for my tables, I decided to make a mock set up at home to see how they worked together. This allowed me to see if there was any room for improvement or any gaps that I needed to fill way in advance of the big day!


Use your passions as a couple to inspire your decor

Dan and I are big gaming fans, so we wanted to include a nod to our favourite game Pokemon on our wedding day. The rest of our day was going to be so refined that we weren’t sure how to bring it in without making it look a bit tacky. We eventually decided that we would name our reception tables after Pokemon cities! Luckily for us, Pokemon cities are also named after colours, so it gave our table names a different meaning depending on whether our guests knew the game or not! It was a lovely but subtle way to bring in one of our passions without going overboard!



Talking with a wedding stylist or planner

Investing in a stylist for our wedding day was one of the best things we ever did. Talking my ideas through with our stylist Gemma was great for getting my ideas in order, as well as allowing her to make suggestions, offer me alternatives and make my ideas a reality. I chose The White Emporium as I knew Gemma understood my ideas and how to execute them, I trusted her completely and that is a sign of any great stylist or wedding planner. Knowing that everything would be set up and complete by the time we arrived for the wedding ceremony was such a weight off my mind and I would 100% recommend having a stylist or planner if you want to make your Pinterest dreams a reality.


Follow the work of your favourite photographers for inspiration

Following your favourite photographers on Instagram is always a great idea. Not only are they amazing inspiration for photos, but also for styling! I kept coming across incredibly different ideas through some of my favourite American and Australian fine art photographers, nothing like you would find in the UK! Some of my favourite accounts are above!

Thanks for reading and I hope it has helped you on your journey towards your beautifully styled wedding day!

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