I love the look of robes on a wedding morning. They really help tie your morning in with the rest of your day and make every photo look incredibly clean and polished. I knew I wanted this look on my wedding day so started the hunt for robes fairly early!

I love the look of the robes from American brands like Pretty Plum Sugar but I didn’t want to have to pay to have them shipped over to the UK. Some of the UK robes were ok, but they weren’t necessarily in the colours I was looking for, or the quality wasn’t to my liking.

I started to look on Etsy! Here was where I found the shop Silk and More where I purchased my bridal and bridesmaids robes! Silk and More are based in India but they ship worldwide for free! They have thousands of different fabrics that can be made into robes, dresses, pyjamas and more, so I was spoiled for choice! When I ordered the robes, they came in a set of 4 with a free bridal robe in white, plus they also sent through an order form where I was able to fill in all my bridesmaids measurements so they could be made bespoke.

I thought that Silk and More provided some great quality robes for an affordable price, and they came so quickly! I love the way they looked on my wedding day and I would highly recommend! Are you thinking of having robes for your day? Where did you find yours?

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