Wedding favours can sometimes be perceived as a little old fashioned or unnecessary. When it came to our wedding day, we weren’t sure whether to include them at all, as we had absolutely no idea where to start. After trawling the web for inspiration, I came across Laura Hooper Calligraphy on Instagram. This lady is incredible, she writes on literally anything, and in this instance she was writing on tiles!

Dan and I absolutely loved this idea for name places, but we thought that they could also double up as favours if we got them right! We searched countless tile and DIY shops, and trawled through the internet for something similar to the above photo. That’s when we came across something even better… hexagonal marble tiles!

I started seeing trends in America of people using hexagonal tiles, and I had fallen in love with the white/grey marble ones. The only problem I had was nowhere in the UK seemed to stock them!

We searched for months and months until I pretty much gave up hope of finding anything similar that we could use. That was until Dan rang me one afternoon on his way to work telling me he’d found some online! I checked out the Fired Earth website, and low and behold, there they were!

Even better, was that there was a showroom close by to Dan’s work! So one day we headed over to see them in person. They were exactly what we wanted but just backed onto sheets, which meant we only had to buy three sheets to get the correct amount of tiles for all of our guests. I think in total all the tiles cost us about £27!!!

The next job was to take all the tiles off the backing. I was a little worried as the backing was glued on solid, so wasn’t sure how easy it would be. I read online that the best way to move forward would be to soak each sheet in warm water and then scrape the glue off one by one. Well, it took me a fair few hours of standing over the sink with rubber gloves on, but the warm water really did the trick, taking off every speck of glue! We loved the way they looked!

The final stage was to hand write our guest names on to the tiles. I was originally going to get my sister to write them, but she wasn’t a professional calligrapher and I didn’t want her worrying about doing it on the lead up to the day. In the end I contacted Hannah Hannah London who was recommended to me through a friend. Once we dropped them off to her, within a week they were complete and ready for our wedding day! The favours went down an absolute storm on the day, with all our guests taking them home and some even mounting them and displaying them in their homes!

I hope this has inspired you to do something a little different with your favours, if you need any more inspiration I would definitely check out Laura Hooper Calligraphy as she’s brimming with ideas!

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