Engagement sessions! What are they all about? How do I go about getting the best results?

I hear ya! Have a little read through some of my tips and pointers below on how to get the most out of your engagement session!


You’re engaged! This is the one and only time in your life that you will be an engaged couple, and that is something to really celebrate on your shoot! Make your photos once in a lifetime images to look back on by dressing in something completely wow!

For the best outcome, wear light or pale coloured clothing and make sure it is something you feel comfortable and incredibly confident in!


I love it when my couples choose a location special to them. The place where he proposed, the fields near your first home or just somewhere you’ve visited together and loved! If you are struggling for a location though, you can’t go wrong with a cornfield in the summer or blossom trees in the spring! If you have an impeccably decorated home, you can also opt to have a ‘stay at home’ session for optimum comfort! As long as your location has plenty of light you can’t really go wrong!


As the majority of my engagement sessions take place outdoors, time of year can be a huge factor. Think about what time of year suits you best, for example do you love the warm weather, lavender fields and soaking up the late evening sunset? A summer session is probably the choice for you! Or do you love cosying up in a blanket, jumping in crunchy leaves and holding each other close in the chilly temperatures? An autumn session may be the one for you! Let me know what kind of look you want for your photos and I can advise the best season for you.


Your shoot can be at any time of day that works for you! For the best outcome however, the optimum time of day for any outdoor session is always sunset. The reason for this is that you get that signature dreamy soft light look, which instantly makes your photos look 10 times more romantic!


Pretty much every couple I speak to before their engagement shoot tells me that they hate having their photo taken, or that they’re not very photogenic or that they are really nervous in front of the camera. Don’t worry, we all feel the same, you are not alone!

The journey of your engagement session is to slowly become comfortable with having your photo taken in preparation for your wedding day. I am not expecting you to be a professional model so please don’t worry, I am here to guide you through the whole process. Arrive at your session as confident as you can and I promise you will enjoy the experience so much more than you thought!

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