Glass, perspex and acrylic is so popular right now in wedding day decor, especially for table numbers and signage. The reflective, transparent look gives any wedding a modern and polished feel. For our wedding day we wanted to feature this idea in the form of our table name signs. Find out how to make your own below!

I already purchased some gold geo shapes for the table decorations, so I thought I would go along the same design route for the table name frames. I scoured amazon and came across these beautiful gold wire frames below by Umbra. I loved the fact that they had no backing, so you could see the gold geo stand through the glass and any photo used would look suspended in the air. I chose six of the 4×6″ frames and one of the 5×7″ frames for the top table.

Once the frames arrived, it was time to decide on table names. As Pokemon lovers, Dan and I wanted to bring a little hint of it into our day without it being tacky, so we opted to call our tables after Pokemon cities. Luckily, Pokemon cities are named after colours, so our table names had two interpretations depending if you knew the game or not! We chose a select few of our favourites and got to work.

Luckily for us, the sheets of glass detached easily from the frames, making them super easy to write onto! I picked up this 0.7mm Uni Posca pen in white, which can write on pretty much any surface including glass. It worked really well for this task, drying in seconds!

If you’re brave, you can write onto the frames freehand, however I am not the master calligrapher so I opted to print out some words to trace instead. This was super easy to do with the glass being translucent, so all I did was tape the glass over the top of the printed words to stop them moving around while I traced on top.

The one problem I found with this task is that the glass ended up with lots of finger prints and smudges whilst writing them. To tackle this, I suggest polishing the frames up before working on them, and wearing gloves throughout the process.

So there you have it, a super easy way to bring some glass table frames into your wedding day! We absolutely loved how ours looked on the day, they brought an extra edge to our table scapes and we had so many compliments from our guests! What do you think? Would you try making them for your day?


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